A Happy Sky

I love how birds migrate through Tennessee. I have even learned to recognize the intense rumbling noise when a huge flock of them have arrived. I was out walking one very dreary day last week...and I heard it. I literally ran home to get my camera because I have yet to capture these birds. Sadly, and as usual, most of the flock had already vanished by the time I had a camera to capture them. However, I did capture a few fun shots and gave the sky some much needed life. One of these days I am going to have my camera at the exact time I walk into a clouds of black....literally, because there are so many! I may get pooped on-ha! (that would not be unlikely with a huge mass of birds around)...but it will be worth it!

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"Beauty brings copies of itself into being. It makes us draw it, take photographs of it, or describe it to other people." ~Elaine Scarry

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