About Me

Hello, and welcome! I'm Cassie, a visual artist and photographer who, quite frankly, is crazy about all things beautiful, creative, vintage, colorful, healing and natural.

I’m currently pursuing my love and expression of these things through photography, interior decorating & design, mixed media artwork, cooking, gardening, and lots of other little projects here and there.

I live in a small home tucked away on a plot of woods just outside the great city of Nashville, Tennessee. It’s here where I find most of the picturesque scenes in nature, beauty and wildlife that inspire me.

It’s the abundant blooms of cherry blossoms and dogwood trees, the busy robins making nests for their young families in the spring, the delicate Queen Anne’s lace and other wildflowers that grace the meadows and are blown by the cool breeze, spectacular sunrises and sunsets that move me to stillness every time, and even the wild turkeys that run awkwardly through our yard when we least expect it.

I’m stirred by the deer grazing in our neighborhood valley, the hooting owls and mellow frogs that croak out their melodies at dusk, the stick bug colony on our porch that I have to take great care not to step on, the nearby sparkling lake teeming with taunting fish, birds and turtles, and the winding, moss-laden trails in the forest that beckon me to take long walks that I simply can’t resist.

More often than not, you’ll find me outdoors enjoying these things with my husband and our adventurous dog. These moments are what bring so much life, solace and peace to my heart. Above all, they remind me of the ultimate Creator who is Beauty and Life. I am so thankful for Jesus and all He has done in my life. The more time I spend in nature, the more I am overwhelmed by His goodness and glory.

I share these moments and adventures with you in hope that they may bring you the same joy and richness of life they have brought me. 

Enjoy ... and thanks so much for visiting!

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." -Picasso

*A special thanks to Danette Chappell Photography for this picture!

"Beauty brings copies of itself into being. It makes us draw it, take photographs of it, or describe it to other people." ~Elaine Scarry

Photography & Artwork © Cassie Tedder. Please be conisderate by not stealing or copying with out permission. Thanks!